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What Does A Fire Restoration Company Do

March 23, 2022by admin

What Does a Fire Restoration Company Do?


No one wants to work with fire restoration companies because if you have to work with them, that means your house or business has burned. But when the unfortunate happens, you will need to reach out to fire restoration professionals.

A fire damage restoration company like N.I.C.S. can help you put your life back together after a damaging fire. Fire damage restoration companies are ready to respond 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year to help you get back to normalcy after a fire. Fire damage restoration companies often help you work with an insurance adjuster on the scope and degree of damage to your property and return your home to pre-disaster condition.

Top Fire damage restoration companies will offer extra services like transportation to Dr. Visits to help get a hotel room. They can act as your point of contact for dealing with all the red tape after a fire.

Examples of tasks that a fire damage restoration company might perform:

  •   New construction and remodeling (with proper licensing)
  •   Working with your insurance provider to record and document
  •   Securing, boarding up, and roof covering
  •   Removal of undamaged items for cleaning
  •   Fire damage clean up
  •   Fire debris removal and disposal
  •   Communicate with insurance companies
  •   Provide transportation
  •   Water extraction and drying
  •   Provide support and assurance


Can the Fire Restoration Company work with my insurance company?

The damage a fire causes and all the water from putting it out makes a huge mess and is costly and time-consuming. Your insurance company should pay for remediating the damage and restoring your home to pre-disaster condition. The insurance company will send out an adjuster, who might be nice and are out for your best interest, but remember they work for the insurance company, not you. Typically a fire restoration company will not process the claim for you, but they will assist you with the process making it easy for you to get your claim approved for the total amount.


Does a Fire Restoration Company Rebuild or Build New After a Fire?

This is typically determined by the insurance adjuster, who will naturally want to rebuild because it will be less costly for the insurance company. A good fire restoration company can accurately determine if you can rebuild your home or if you need to start and build from scratch. Rebuilding is a good option for small contained fires that were put out quickly and caused minimal damage. Even smoke can damage areas of the house, making them unusable, and need to be torn down and built from the ground up.

Sometimes it might be best to remove all the damaged areas; even areas that only have smoke damage might not be salvageable, and built new so that there is no lingering residue causing long-term health problems.

What is included in Fire Restoration?

There is no typical fire damage restoration because all fires are different. Top Fire Restoration Companies will include mitigating damage, cleaning up smoke and water damage quickly. To list a few, they can help determine whether to Restore VS Replacement and loss of use determination.

Hiring a reputable fire restoration company will often get you more services and a trusted partner to help you navigate the after-fire recovery stage.

What are some Common Causes of Fire Damage?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the #1 area fires start in the kitchen; unattended cooking fires are the most common in the United States. So a great way to prevent a fire in your home is to stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stove.

Other common causes of fires are:

  •   Kitchen Fires
  •   Portable Space Heaters
  •   Faulty Wiring
  •   Candles
  •   Smoking
  •   Holiday Decorations
  •   Chemicals and Gasses
  •   B.B.Q. Grill
  •   Children
  •   Camp Fires

These are the top ten causes of fire in the U.S. there are other ways for a fire to start, so always be alert and take steps to prevent fire in your home. It is recommended to check the batteries in your smoke detectors every month, change the batteries once a year, and change the entire smoke detector every ten years.

Should I Hire a Local Charlotte Fire Damage Restoration Company?

It is always best to find a company that has performed the services you need to restore your home or business after a fire. A local Charlotte company is always recommended because they will know the local laws and codes and can even have a pre-existing relationship with your insurance company. A local fire damage restoration company will have an easier time getting things done on your project because they have called upon those resources in the local area before.

Can Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Company Save Money?

A top fire damage restoration company will have all the tools and experience necessary to complete your restoration project and help save you money. They can save you money by making sure that the insurance company has the proper scope of work needed to be done. With a full scope of work, the insurance company will cover all the costs of rebuilding your home, saving you potentially thousands. Another way a fire restoration company can help you save money is by performing most if not all of the tasks in-house. Keeping the sub-contractors at a minimum will save you money when rebuilding your home after a fire.


If you have experienced a fire in your home, 980 346-5321 call N.I.C.S. 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, no matter when we will be there to help with your life-changing event. Our agents are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to assist you in sorting out the aftermath of a fire. We are experienced and have the know-how to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.



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